Better support for MS Dynamics AX 2012 WebServices (version 3.2.90m)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - October 29, 2014

RapidiOnline uses the standard WebServices in AX2012 to do any complex updates or creation of data in AX 2012.

This allows AX 2012 to handle all the business logic related to adding or updating data in AX and in this way we are sure that this all the business logic is handled correctly.

By using the MS Dynamics AX 2012 WebServices provided as standard in AX2012 we also ensure that the investment on the AX side is as minimal as possible - ensuring a timely and on budget conclusion of the integration project.

With this release we have done quite some work in being able to more dynamically read and use the layout (objects) defined in the WebServices. This enables us to use WebServices that have been adapted to your specific needs - adding custom fields and even custom objects to the WebServices. The amended WebServices must however be build in the same way (same structure and naming convension) as Microsoft's standard AX 2012 WebServices.

We have worked specifically in the areas of creating new Customers with new global address, reading Customers, updating Customers and last but not least creating new SalesOrders. These are all part of our standard integrations with AX 2012.

You need to be on RapidiConnector version 3.2.90m or later to use this.




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