MS Dynamics AX WS fixing order of fields (version 3.2.88h)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - January 11, 2014

When using MS Dynamics AX WebServices, we could get errors that indicated that the fields in the WebService call was not send in the correct order. The AX WebServices needs the fields in the XML message to be written in a specific order.

The problem could be fixed temporarely by doing a ReadDesign on the AX WS Connection.

This is fixed as the ReadDesign now generates a sequential Consecutive Number and stores this with the design. In this way the layout are read from the configuration database in the same order as written and we can ensure that the XML messages are generated correctly.

For MS Dynamics AX WS, you can just upgrade the corresponding RapidiConnector.

This problem can also happen with E-conomic and in this case you have to upgrade the central service.

version 3.2.88h (January 2014)

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