Fixing that Scheduler would stop running a Transfer (version 3.2.89b)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - July 02, 2014

In Rapidi we have an internal flag on a Transfer that tells if a Transfer is currently running. This is used to ensure that the same transfer is not started twice - for example that the Scheduler started the Transfer and then the transfer is stated manually also.

In some error situations - notably after getting a TRA_UnknownError this flag was not reset correctly. Next time the Scheduler was trying to run that transfer, you would get a TRA_TransferAlreadyExecuting error.

We now ensure that this TransferRunning flag is correctly reset in any error situation and the Scheduler is always able to try to run the transfer again.

version 3.2.89b (02-07-2014)

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Michael Bock, Founder & CEO

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