Mirror can now detect changes in related tables (version 3.2.90r)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - December 01, 2014

We are happy to announce a significant update to our Mirror technology allowing it now to store the result of formula executions and also detect any changes to these results. This is especially usefull when using the DBLookup formula to retrieve field values from related tables. The Mirror can in this way now be used to also detect changes in related tables.

The Mirror technology

The RapidiOnline Mirror technology is used to detect changes to data in systems that dont have this kind of functionality build in. This is the case for MS Dynamics AX and also for MS Dynamics NAV with native database. The technology is fully automatic - you just create an empty database on your server and let RapidiOnline know where it is - it will create the tables needed to store a copy (a mirror) of the data that you read from your source system and automatically use that to compare with the actual data and deliver a list of changed records.

Until now the Mirror technology would only store the data (fields) read from the main (source) table. When reading data from the CustTable in AX, then all the fields found in the CustTable would also be stored in the mirror and changes to these fields would be detected.

Now also data retrieved from related tables are stored in the Mirror

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for example, where we use Mirror to detect the changes, however many of the needed fields, like address data (street, city, zipcode etc.) are no more available directly in the CustTable as they were in AX2009. we now use DBLookup to retrieve these fields from the related tables or views where they are available. Until now, changes to these fields could not be detected as the result of the DBLookup formula was not available when building the mirror. After another update that we have made to the DBLookup formula (you can read more about that here), we are now able to execute the DBLookup formulas on the RapidiConnector and hence we can have the results available and stored in the mirror along with the rest of the fields. This enables us to detect changes to these fields as if they where stored in the main table.

Executing formulas and storing their result in the Mirror is the default behavior. If you dont want this to happen, you can disable the functionality by setting the cfg variable MirrorStoreFormulaResults: 0 on the RapidiConnector.

You need to upgrade both the central service and the RapidiConnector to version 3.2.90r or later to use this functionality. Please contact our support to help with this.

Please note that when upgrading to this version or later on the RapidiConnector, existing Mirrors where the Transfer have formulas in the field list, will do a full rebuild



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