MS Dynamics AX Company Filtering with Mirror Fix (version 3.2.91e)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - March 05, 2015

When using our Mirror Technology to read data from MS Dynamics AX, we could in some cases be reading data from all MS Dynamics AX Companies instead of only one Company. This is fixed with this release.

The problem was most likely introduced recently around version 3.2.90k, where we optimized the performance and functionality of using DBLookups in general and specifically in connection with the Mirror Technology. See this blog post for more information on optimizing DBLookup.

MS Dynamics AX Filtering on Company

When using our MS Dynamics AX Connection you specify the MS Dynamics AX Company on the Connection itself, then the RapidiConnector will automatically apply a filter (Source Delimitation) on the DATAAREAID field (which is where the Company is specified in the MS Dynamics AX database tables). You do not have to set this filter in all the Transfers.
However, when reading the address and customer information from MS Dynamics AX 2012, you do need to specify a separate Company (the one containing the Global Address Book).

Overwriting Default Adding of Company Filter

When building support for MS Dynamics AX 2012 we introduced a way to overwrite the default adding of the company filter. 

This works as follows: If the RapidiConnector encounters a Source Delimitation (or Source LinkFilter on a SubTransfer) on the DATAAREAID field, then it will not set the default Source Filter on the company.
Before the RapidiConnector would also check for DATAAREAID in Table Link (Key) fields and likewise skip the default filter on the company. We have removed this check as this is exactly what Mirror Technology is doing.

If you need to read all data from MS Dynamics AX (from all companies) by just using a Table Link (key) with e.g. DATAAREAID and RECID (the primary key on tables), you should set a Source Delimitation (Filter) on e.g. DATAAREAID != '' to ensure that the RapidiConnector will not add the filter for one specific company.

I hope this explanation of the exact functionality makes sense to you.

If you experience that the RapidiConnector is reading to much data from MS Dynamics AX when using the Mirror Technology, then please contact our Support and get the RapidiConnector upgraded to version 3.2.91e or later.

Comments and questions are most welcome as always. :)



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