[Webinar Replay] An Introduction to MyRapidi - March 2024

By Beate Thomsen, Co-founder & Product Design - March 21, 2024


This Webinar we designed in particular to new Rapidi customers, partners and other people interested in knowing more about the Rapidi Platform. So, whether you are new to Rapidi and just joined as a Rapidi customer or partner, or you wish to refresh your knowledge about Rapidi's data integration platform, this webinar is for you. Please watch the recording below.




Welcome to the MyRapidi Intro Webinar: Mastering Data Integration with Ease

Welcome to our  MyRapidi Intro Webinar of the Rapidi Data Integration Platform, a robust data integration platform designed to streamline your business processes. In this article, we'll walk you through the platform's functionalities, demonstrate how to use it effectively and answer some common questions about data integration and support.

Introduction to MyRapidi

Rapidi is a data integration service that simplifies the process of connecting various systems and transferring data between them. It's designed to be user-friendly, requiring no programming skills, and offers a range of functionalities to cater to different business needs.

Key Features of MyRapidi

Dashboard Overview

Upon logging into MyRapidi, you're greeted with a dashboard that provides general information about your service, including the service name, expiration date, edition, and usage statistics. The dashboard also displays the service status, allowing you to assess the health of your integration quickly.

Connections and Data Transfers

The platform supports connections to various systems, such as Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. Setting up a connection is straightforward: select the connection type, fill out the required information, and authenticate using methods like Azure for secure access.

Once your connections are established, you can create data transfers. These transfers involve mappings that dictate how data is moved from one system to another. Myra PD allows you to group related transfers for better organisation and provides filters to manage them efficiently.

Schedules and Automation

Scheduling is a critical component of data integration. MyRapidi enables you to set up schedules that determine when and how often your data transfers occur. You can specify each schedule's frequency, priority, and error handling preferences, ensuring that your data is transferred reliably and efficiently.

Tags and Link Storages

Tags and Link Storages are advanced features that offer additional control over your data transfers. Tags can be assigned to different companies or departments within your ERP system, while link storages act as lookup tables that store key identifiers for records. These tools help maintain data integrity and streamline the transfer process.

Logs and Statistics

MyRapidi provides detailed logs and statistics for your data transfers and schedules. These logs offer insights into the performance of your integrations, including the number of records transferred, the duration of transfers, and any errors encountered. This information is invaluable for troubleshooting and optimizing your data integration processes.

Common Questions and Support

Migration Support

Rapidi supports migrations from legacy systems to modern platforms like Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance, Sales. The platform can adjust existing transfers and repurpose integrations to connect to new ERP systems, ensuring a smooth transition.

CRM Integration

Switching CRMs is a common scenario, and MyRapidi is equipped to handle such changes. Whether you're moving from Salesforce to Microsoft Sales or vice versa, the platform can repurpose your data transfers to connect to the new CRM system.

SuPPOrt for Custom Fields 

MyRapidi allows the use of custom fields in your data mappings, providing flexibility to accommodate unique business requirements. 

Timestamps vs Mirror Technology

Additionally, we recommend using timestamps or the Mirror Technology to control the amount of data transferred and to ensure efficient performance.


MyRapidi is a comprehensive data integration platform that offers flexibility, ease of use, and a wide range of functionalities to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you're looking to migrate systems, integrate CRMs, or streamline your data transfers, MyRapidi has the tools and support to help you achieve your goals.

For further assistance or to explore MyRapidi more, check out the wiki for documentation or reach out to Customer Support for personalised help.


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