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By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - April 20, 2015

As part of our ongoing effort to optimize our service, we have moved our Web Service API to a new server and a new codebase.

Our current Web Service API has four main functions:

  1. SFDCScheduleTrigger (notifications) - used to trigger a Schedule to run now from a Salesforce outbound Web service call (typically as part of a workflow).
  2. ScheduleTrigger2 - used to trigger a Schedule to run now from other clients.
  3. ScheduleStatus2 - used to get status of all or due schedules.
  4. ServiceConnectInfo - used by the RapidiConnector to get information about which server and port to connect to for a given service id.

The different Web service calls are documented by their WSDL's here:
and there is a description of the ScheduleTrigger in our wiki: 

We have re-coded these Web services in our new (MyRapidi) framework with the goal to make them as compatible as possible with the old ones and tested them accordingly. You might however need to reload the WSDL and compile your client code again, in order to make it work.

For the SFDCScheduleTrigger used from Salesforce, we have tested that these continue to work without any modification on your part.

The existing address is now pointing to the new server. In addition, we also have pointing to the new server. Both can/should be used with SSL.

In order to help you in a transition period, we will keep the old API interface running on the address for a few months more. Please let us know if you continue to use the old address and when you plan to migrate to the new.

New REST API in development

We are working on a new REST-based API that will expose the above functions (ScheduleTrigger and ScheduleStatus) and in addition, also give you access to many other parts of the MyRapidi interface in a programmatic way. For Example, access to read and search Log entries. Stay tuned for more information on this!

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