New RapidiConnector installer (msi) available for download

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - December 08, 2014

We are happy to announce that our new RapidiConnector installation programs have landed and are now available for download and use.

We have chosen to make the RapidiConnector available as msi installable files as all modern windows versions now have support for this.

The installation files are available in two different packages - one for 32 bit systems (RapidiConnector.msi) and another for 64bit systems (RapidiConnector64.msi). The 32bit version will only install the 32bit version of the RapidiConnector and should of cause be used on all 32bit systems.

Using 32bit RapidiConnector on 64bit systems.

The 32bit version can however also be used on 64bit systems and will then install into the "Program Files (x86)" directory by default (and Wow6432Node in the registry) which is usual for 32bit programs on 64bit systems. If you plan to use a 32bit driver or dll to access your database or system, then you need to use the 32bit RapidiConnector also. This is for example the case when you access MS Dynamics NAV using C/Front (all versions of MS Dynamics NAV up to and including NAV2009 are 32bit only).

Where to download the new installer

The new installer can be downloaded from within - login and select your service, then select Connections and unfold (press the + sign) one of the connectors that use a local RapidiConnector (for example MS Dynamics NAV or AX or MS-SQL). Then fold down the RapidiConnector section on the right side and you will see the links to download the msi files.

You can learn more about upgrading the RapidiConnector here. As always please contact our support for help if you are in doubt about if you should upgrade or what you need to ensure before upgrading.

The installer includes our new Service Controller which is described in more detail here.

Once the RapidiConnector is installed and working on your system, you normally don't need to think more about it. All configuration is done in the central application and our support team can even upgrade your locally installed RapidiConnector(s) if needed.




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