Replicator 7.0 Deletes using Actions with NAV (version 3.2.89c)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - August 06, 2014

With Replicator 7.0 we can use Actions to Delete records in the destination NAV database. Actions are created programmacally in the source database whenever a record is deleted. This is a good and optimized method to detect deletions of data in the source and ensure the same data is deleted in the destination. At RapidiOnline we have been using this method with NAV for many years.

You can read more about Actions here:

When using Replicator 7.0 and actions for delete with MS Dynamics NAV c/front connector, It gave an error if the record to be deleted did not exist in NAV. We are now telling NAV to ignore if the Record does not exist, so we do not get any errors for that anymore. It does however mean that the Deleted count in statistics can be to high as it will also count the ones that do not exist. This is actually the same behavior for NAVSQL or MS-SQL Connectors, and it would require an extra call to NAV to make the statistics correct which would mean a potential considerable performance decrease. We have decided not to fix that statistics at the moment (we prefere speed of execution above precise statistics).

version 3.2.89c (06-08-2014)

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