E-conomic (Reviso) Integration: Critical Update (Version 3.2.92n)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - November 19, 2015

During the last few months, we have made a number of enhancements to our E-Conomic support.

Automatic Re-connect to Ensure Successful Data Transfer

1) We have addressed and fixed connectivity issues with e-conomic, as we in some cases could loose the connection to e-conomic - probably due to an increased strain on e-conomic's servers. This caused the transfer(s) to fail with a "BIO_Write" error message. To solve this issues we now automatically try to re-connect with e-conomic, re-establishing the connection to the e-conomic servers and resend the data to e-conomic when getting this error message.

Detecting Missing Records Correctly 

2) When trying to add new records into e-conomic you could get the error message like "E2121 - ECE_SOAPFaultResponse: ...The following entities does not exist: 58904" back from e-conomic when trying to add new records into e-conomic. The reason for this error is, that e-conomic changed the error message wording in their API and so we could not detect this message anymore and correctly add the new record.

We have now adapted RapidiOnline to check for the message "does not exist" and so we again correctly detect that the record does not exist in e-conomic and needs to be inserted.

E-conomic API Upgrade 

3) Starting from 16th November 2015, E-conomic now requires that all requests to their API has an extra X-EconomicAppIdentifier header line identifying the caller.

We have now added this extra header line to all requests. This is added in version 3.2.92n and in order to continue to use the RapidiOnline integration with E-conomic after the 16th November 2015, you need to upgrade the central service to this version - please contact our support to do this.

A Token-based Login to E-conomic

4) E-conomic has added a new login method in their API called "ConnectWithToken". Basically with this method, the customer needs to go to a special URL (website) supplied by RapidiOnline to generate a unique token based on their e-conomic subscription number, username and password. This token is then entered into the MyRapidi e-conomic connection card instead of the subscription number, username and password. We can then use this token together with our internal application token to login to e-conomic. This is in general a better way to establish the connection as you no longer have to update your password in MyRapidi if you change it in e-conomic.

We have added this new token field to the MyRapidi e-conomic connection card and as soon as you fill in the token RapidiOnline will start using the token to connect to e-conomic instead of using the username and password. This is implemented in version 3.2.92n, so you need to upgrade the central Rapidi service to this version to work with the token login method. Please contact support to upgrade your RapidiOnline Service.

E-conomic and Reviso

5) This summer all e-conomic activities in the Nordic countries have been acquired by Visma and in the Nordic countries Visma will continue to use the e-conomic brand and name. But in other European countries such as UK, Spain, Germany, France and Poland e-conomic will be rebranded as REVISO. 
As a user of e-conomic (reviso) in one of these countries you will start to use the reviso.com website to login to e-conomic (reviso) and from start december 2015 the API address will change to soap.reviso.com.

We have added a new field called "Server Connect" to the MyRapidi e-conomic connection card. Here you can enter "soap.reviso.com" if you need to connect to reviso. You should leave the field blank for e-conomic (Nordic) connections.

This feature was implemented in version 3.2.92n so you need to ask out support to upgrade your central service to this version.

Further resources:

Here is a link to our update wiki description of the E-conomic connection:


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