Data security: does data integration put your data at risk?

Posted by Henning Lund on Wed, Jul 13, 2016

According to the ITRC Data Breach Reports 2015, over 169 million personal records were exposed last year, stemming from 781 publicized breaches across the financial, business, education, government, and healthcare sectors. If one thing became clear in 2015, it was that no organization, regardless of its size or industry, is safe from a data security breach. A breach can happen to any organization at any time. There is no doubt that companies should carefully think about data security especially today when we place more and more data on public clouds, or within big data systems.
What happens when you integrate two systems? Does the transfer of data from one system to the other expose and potentially endanger the security of your data? How does data integration impact data security? Can data integration make your company more vulnerable to a data security breach?

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Tags: Data Integration, data security, encryption

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