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By Henning Lund - December 07, 2020

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At Rapidi, we strive to make our data integration solutions simple, robust and easy to use, and we really enjoy receiving the feedback from customers, that we have delivered to our promises.

Our data integration solution has of course been adjusted to support Salesforce-Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration, and as all our integrations, it specifically enables direct integration, so your data will never get stuck in-between your two systems. We have taken care to simplify our integration product – which features our Rapidi LinkStorage so you don’t have to create additional reference fields. No programming is required even if you want to extend your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics with add-on solutions or customization. And, if you need more, the Rapidi consultants are very knowledgeable about both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What is LinkStorage and why is it important for a Salesforce-Dynamics 365 Business Central integration?

The LinkStorage feature simplifies our data integration solution because it allows to store and retrieve link values in a very easy and straightforward way. It simply enables to store the link or key values in the RapidiOnline central service configuration database. These link-values could, for example, be a list of customer numbers in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - the primary key in Customer table and the corresponding Account Id. By storing these values in the RapidiOnline central service configuration database, you do not need to create additional fields (e.g. External field in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central).


Real –life example: Varitronics integrates Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using RapidiOnline

Varitronics is a major US wholesaler of specialized printers to schools, including wide-body, 3-D and label printers, along with related equipment like laminators and die cutters, it distributes products through a network of strategically located dealers as well as directly to customers. A long-time Salesforce customer, in 2018, they transitioned their ERP system from a Salesforce-based ERP to the cloud-based version of Microsoft Dynamics ERP known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. They connected the two systems using with RapidiOnline.

Tom Hallbeck, Director of Operations at Varitronics is very satisfied with his decision to work with Rapidi and RapidiOnline: “The best thing about RapidiOnline is that it is very simple – it just works. And when we need help or advice, the Rapidi consultants are always there for us. They not only know their own product, they are experts on both Salesforce and Business Central as well. And that is really important.“

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SIMPLE, SECURE and ROBUST Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business  Central INTEGRATION. Read more now
   CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY: Varitronics  SIMPLE and INTUITIV Salesforce - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  integration that just WORKS. Read the full story
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