By Henning Lund - June 15, 2021

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ERP and CRM systems are some of the most essential systems for an organization. This is where companies store and manage information about their customers and vendors. ERP and CRM systems help companies worldwide to improve customer relationships and customer service, and streamline operations and sales processes.

Salesforce is widely used to support commercial operations. Salesforce is indeed the number one Customer Relationship Management system, and has been for decades. ERP is a vital supplement to Salesforce and can help companies achieve substantial growth. 

In the past decades, Microsoft Dynamics has gained a strong leading position in the ERP market space. As a result, many companies are using both Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, most often as disconnected systems. 

This article will look into the best option to integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics AX (or Microsoft Dynamics 365). It also includes a Salesforce integration video.

Why integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft has made a significant effort to deliver both ERP and CRM in the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365. They have succeeded to a certain extent. However, customers around the world keep integrating Dynamics 365 ERP with best of breed CRM products such as Salesforce. 

In fact, a large majority of sales people prefer the Salesforce user experience. Salesforce is an intuitive, well-designed front-runner CRM solution. Salesforce counts over 150,000 customers worldwide

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is presented by Microsoft as one solution including both ERP and CRM functionality. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was not developed as one product. As a consequence, it contains both redundancies and inconsistencies between the ERP and the CRM parts. 

Within Microsoft Dynamics 365, the applications do not run with one data model. The Microsoft Common Data Service (today called Dataverse) does not entirely solve all the challenges around Microsoft Dynamics integration. It does, however, help connect the different elements within Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

It is now possible to use Microsoft Dataverse to ease the internal integration between the different parts of 365. However, customers keep turning to CRM solutions like Salesforce to fully support their CRM needs.

easily integrate salesforce with ms dynamics 365

Many companies turn to Salesforce rather than the CRM functionality in Dynamics 365. This is because they need the full CRM functionality offered by Salesforce. For example, many choose Salesforce for its impressive “Salesforce Einstein” AI capabilities.

In the age of data lakes and big data, business intelligence and artificial intelligence have become tools for companies wishing to grow. The data stored in various business systems is a goldmine of information. Data management is a substantial part of any company’s execution plans. 

You must combine data from multiple sources if you want to take advantage of a unified view of your customer data. Application integration and data integration tools.


How to pick a data integration tool?

The market has been offering a wide range of data integration solutions to successfully connect business applications for years. For example, some Salesforce integration solutions offer pre built connectors. These allow companies to get started fast, easily and in an affordable way. 

RapidiOnline is a system integration solution that supports both Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, as well as Salesforce and other systems. Rapidi has a thorough understanding of both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Business Central, Finance & Operations, or Sales & Marketing). RapidiOnline also offers data replication solutions. 

Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics integration demo

There are many ways to evaluate what makes the best Salesforce - Microsoft Dynamics integration. Often, showing is better than explaining and you will truly understand the solution after you have watched a data integration demo.

This way you can see how fast data flows between systems. You can check how easy it is to create new data transfer between your business applications. Finally, you can get a feeling of the level of support and general help you will get from the vendor. 

At Rapidi, we also believe that a quick Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Salesforce integration demo is better than a 1000 words. We are happy to schedule a demo call, if you would like to hear and see more about our solution. 

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to watch this short data integration video. It is an introduction to Rapidi and our solutions. 

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