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By Henning Lund - March 09, 2017

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Companies can benefit from integrating their ERP with their CRM in multiple ways. And in fact, the motivations behind an ERP-CRM integration projects can vary depending on the size, region or industry of a company. Let’s take an example. Imagine that your company delivers solutions for automating document-driven processes. You have subsidiaries in more than 15 countries and internally, you use Salesforce as your CRM and Microsoft Dynamics as your ERP. You’d like to streamline your business processes and share critical business information across your entire organization. In order to operate efficiently, you need to make sure that your staff has up-to-date and accurate information, whether they sit in finance, marketing or sales, whether they are located in Europe, America or Australia. What do you do?

Can data integration help you achieve your business goals?

Integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics could certainly help you improve your business processes. How? Well, by integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics, you would keep all account/customer information up-to-date in all systems. New accounts created in Salesforce would be transferred automatically to Microsoft Dynamics. This would also mean that all your products and solutions with corresponding prices could be transferred from Microsoft Dynamics and made visible and kept up-to-date in Salesforce. Opportunities created in Salesforces could be converted to quotes in Microsoft Dynamics to support your sales process. The integration would also mean transferring open sales orders from either your clients or partners into Salesforce for visibility, and they would be kept up-to-date on any change in both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Both sales and payment history from your customers will be visible inside Salesforce, allowing your salespeople to make informed decisions.

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The benefits of a Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics integration

By performing a Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics integration as described above, your organization would rapidly experience significant benefits, such as:

  • The ability to market, respond and up-sell more effectively to your customers because you have up-to-date information available across your entire organization.
  • More streamlined business processes because of more automated information flow.
  • Immediate availability of business critical data – always accurate, up-to-date and therefore reliable.
  • More efficient work routines, saving time.
  • Data transparency, allowing for better-informed decision-making.
  • Increase systems user adoption, as both your Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics systems are providing updated and accurate information

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How do you integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics?

Maybe, like the company described above, you also have a need for:

  • Account/customer two-way integration
  • Up-to-date products & solutions availability in Salesforce
  • Updated price lists automatically in Salesforce
  • Transfer of opportunities in Salesforce as quotes into Microsoft Dynamics
  • Transfer of open sales orders in Salesforce
  • Sales history and payment history inside Salesforce

Maybe you have other needs, or additional needs. In my job, I help companies that want to reap the benefits of their ERP and CRM systems by integrating them. Because we experience that many companies do share the same data integration needs between their ERP and CRM, we have created data integration templates, providing pre-configured integration points. It covers most companies’ needs, and certainly the needs described above.

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Besides the pre-defined transfers, our solution also stands out because of its mirroring feature that allows the integration of a large amount of data in an easy and effective way without having to add extra programming into Microsoft Dynamics. If you have large amounts of data that need to be synchronized frequently, the Mirror technology is a powerful feature that allows for frequent updates (down to 5 minutes) as it detects the changes and only transfers these. If you are integrating with Microsoft Dynamics AX, updates in AX can be hard to detect. Normally, you would be forced to do some extra programming inside AX to detect the changes. The Mirror Technology solves this without any additional code, which is very unique.

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A Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics integration could be the missing link for you to be able to improve your internal processes and grow your business. A solution like RapidiOnline could be your fast and reliable ticket to this integration.

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