Adding support for SourceControl with E-conomic (version 3.2.88i)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - January 14, 2014

New feature for E-conomic 

We have now added support for using SourceControl on integer FindBy fields (in general this can be using with the SerialNumber field on the DebtorEntry and maybe other objects also).

You can control the start value (used when no RTI is yet set) by setting the cfg variable "EConomicSourceControlStartValue" (default 1) on the central side.

You can also control the end value (highest value) by setting the cfg variable "EConomicSourceControlEndValue" (default 100000000) on the central side.

Please ask our support if you need these values changed.

Fixing problems with cutofftextfields feature implemented in version 3.2.88f

version 3.2.88i (january 2014)

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