Making errorhandling better (version 3.2.88c)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - January 04, 2014

Fixed problems with errorhandling in central RapidiService when errors happen in a connected RapidiConnector.

Making SOAPFault errors more readable - showing only the Body part for long messages (this should help all WebService based datasources).

Debugging and fixing minor issues with Linux OpenSSL use. ReadDesign: Fixed a memory leak in ReadDesign when deleting DSL Cookies from Configuration.

version 3.2.88c


Lotus Notes: Adding support for Lotus Notes when central runs Linux.

IBM DB/2: Adding support for DB2 when central runs Linux.

version 3.2.88d

Lotus Notes RapidiConnector: Fixed some errors introduced when compiling under Linux.

version 3.2.88e

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Michael founded Rapidi on technological excellence, fantastic customer service and continuous improvement. A data integration specialist since 1987, he remains focused on creating technology that solves real business problems.