CURRENTTIME Formula Now Works With MS Dynamics NAV Time Fields (version 3.2.91i)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - May 15, 2015

The Formula CURRENTTIME generates correct time for use with NAV Time Fields

For use with MS Dynamics NAV2013 and MS Dynamics NAV2015, the CURRENTTIME formula have been fixed so that it now generates a correct time for use with a NAV field defined in MS Dynamics NAV as type Time.

In the MS Dynamics NAV SQL database a field of type Time is stored as a datetime field with a very special value in the date part (namely 1754-01-01). This special value is required for MS Dynamics NAV to work correctly - actually, if a Time field in NAV does not have the date part set to 1754-01-01 then NAV Backups will fail with a data error.

RapidiOnline's CurrentTime formula now correctly generates this special date when writing into a MS Dynamics NAV SQL database.

Setting Current Date and Time in MS Dynamics NAV Date or DateTime Fields

If you want to set current date and time into a NAV field defined in NAV as DateTime or Date, then you should use the CURRENTDATETIME or CURRENTDATE formula instead.

You need to upgrade the RapidiConnector to version 3.2.91i or later. Please contact our support for this.

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