How To Find Documentation on MyRapidi [Quick Tips]

By Beate Thomsen, Co-founder & Product Design - November 11, 2015

Whether you’re a seasoned MyRapidi veteran or a freshly minted user, this post will undoubtedly help you navigate to useful documentation drawn from our vast repository of resources that we’ve compiled to expand your knowledge and understanding of RapidiOnline’s data integration platform.

Let’s go through a few quick tips to get at the most common resources, in the most efficient manner possible, from within the MyRapidi configuration interface and our Company Wiki Page.

Documentation Help from within MyRapidi

All documentation focused on setting up and configuring your integration can be found within the MyRapidi configuration interface.

Help can be ascertained from any page by clicking on the 'question mark' icon in the upper right-hand corner of the interface - which will take you to our Wiki Documentation System, where you’ll find everything you need to set up your integration(s), transfers, schedules, information on composing formulas, and other things like updates to our RapidiConnector(s), and a whole lot more.

hep icon in transfers

Image 1: Documentation Link on Transfers (in General)

Depending on where you’ve navigated to within MyRapidi clicking on the 'question mark' will take you to the relevant topic to which you’re working. As outlined in the example above (image 1), navigating to the Transfers page and clicking on the help icon 'the question mark' will take you to a general document on Transfers.

If you delve deeper into transfers and find yourself wanting to edit/configure your Field List (mapping) - clicking on the help icon will take you to an appropriate section within our wiki that will help you configure your field list and provide guidance on mapping:

find help on field list mapping via clicking on the question mark icon 

Image 2: Finding Documentation from the Field List (Mapping)

RAPIDIs Wiki System:

Our wiki system is basically the go-to site for resources on setting up and configuring your integration:

wiki rapidi homepage 
Image 3: The Homepage

The wiki includes descriptions on, for example, getting started with your integration – and further provides documentation on every area/topic concerning configurations and guidance in navigating the MyRapidi interface. You can also find common “HowTo” guides, information on standard integrations, links to our product updates (to which you can also subscribe).

myrapidi getting started on wiki

Image 4: Getting Started with MyRapidi

Step by step guide on how to get started on MyRapidi - including some additional information on security and hosting.


myrapidi documentation

Image 5: MyRapidi Documentation
Entire documentation of MyRapidi divided by topics and areas corresponding to the tabs in the app.


list of common how to guides

Image 6: A List of Common How-to Guides 
Under HowTo you have a list of common How-To Guides when setting up and configuring your integration solution(s).


documentation on the standard integrations

Image 7: Documentation on Standard Integrations

In this section you have documentation on our standard integrations , including useful links, tips, best practices on the setup and configuration.


using search on wiki

Image 8: Leveraging the Search Tool

Another quick way to find information is to leverage the search function which lets you easily find the topic you are looking for - e.g. list of formulas. It will give you suggestions once you start typing.


Give Feedback on the MyRapidi Interface & Wiki

Your feedback is vital to improving the usability of our platform and the efficacy of our resource repositories.  You may have noticed that we’ve included a ‘give feedback' feature within both the MyRapidi interface & our Wiki. 

As we strive for the best user experience possible, we encourage you to provide feedback on features and functionality you’d like to see implemented or improved upon.   As we continually develop and improve our platform, know that we value your opinion – so do not hesitate to reach out!

what feedback do you have for us

Image 9: Providing Feedback from within MyRapidi

providing feedback from within

Image 10: Providing Feedback from within the Wiki

Feel free to comment on anything
- including your overall experiences, frustrations (if any), areas of confusion you would like clarified, product questions you can’t find answers to, any brilliant ideas that could improve the user experience and, of course, positive feedback is always welcome.

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