MyRapidi Late Summer Release Is Now Live

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - September 22, 2015

We are thrilled to announce that our late summer release of the MyRapidi Configuration Interface is now live. All new enhancements and improvement should make your work life easier.

We have made some mayor changes on

  • Color Codes to Improve Work Flow
  • Better Feedback When Saving on Transfers
  • Upgrading the Entire Server Stack
  • Upgrade of API Server
  • End of Life of
  • Mobile Access
  • Invalidate Session After Two Hours of Activity
  • Blank Out the Password on a Connection

Color Codes to Improve Work Flow

In order for you to be able to navigate better and get a better overview of which transfer, schedule etc. you are working on we have changed the color codes from all grey to blue and it nuances. We hope that this will help your work in MyRapidi by creating more contrast between the different elements and highlighting the most important and frequently used features. Also we have now changed the colors of your data to be black instead of grey (and all lead texts to be grey instead of black). This should also help you navigate through the interface and assist you in quickly glance through your data.

Feedback When Saving on Transfers

When working with Transfers and editing field lists, table links, filters etc. we automatically save the updates to the server when you leave the field. To get a more direct feedback on this, we now let the field flash with yellow background color to indicate that the content has been saved successfully. This gives you direct feedback that the data was saved to the server.

Upgrading the Entire Server Stack

On the server and application side, we have upgraded the entire software stack to the latest stable versions. This includes the Apache and application server and also our application framework and CSS and Javascript framework. This enables us to use the latest standards for everything from SSL/TLS to mobile access and ensures a fast and secure site.

We have also taken the opportunity to upgrade our hardware (or rather our hosting partner has done this) and the new servers should be able to give you a much better experience with faster responses in general.

Upgrading all this means also that has got a new IP address. However, normally that should not affect you at all unless you have limited access to our server address in your firewall.

Upgrade of Our API Server

We have also upgraded our API server at the same time to get it up to the same security standards and speed. We have taken the opportunity to give the API server new IP addresses inside our normal server IP address range for our back-end servers (which is to This makes the life easier for admins that need to lock down their servers even for outbound traffic as they can now just allow traffic outbound to the above server range. Outbound traffic needs to be allowed on port 80 and also on the service port assigned to the service (usually a port in the range 6400 to 6599). 

End of Life of

As almost none of you are using the old configuration application interface ( anymore and in order to keep our entire platform as secure as possible we hereby announce that we will be taking down the old application interface in a few weeks time. If you are still using the old interface please start using instead.

Mobile Access

The previous version of MyRapidi was optimized to work on either desktops, laptops or tablets in landscape view. In this new version of MyRapidi, we have introduced a new mobile menu that kicks in for mobile devices and on tablets in portrait view. Some work has been done to optimize the interface for mobile devices and you can now navigate the interface and check and edit simple things using a mobile browser. However there is simply too much data that we show in the normal MyRapidi interface to fit into a mobile screen and we are currently evaluating if we should try to reduce the level of information in the mobile browser (and if so, then what information we should remove).

If you have an opinion on this or you have some use cases for what you want to use a mobile interface for, then we would very much like to hear from you !

Email us directly or in the comment field below.

Invalidate Session After Two Hours of Activity

In line with good industry standards, we now invalidate your session after two hours of inactivity. This means that after two hours of inactivity on MyRapidi, you will be prompted to log in again. As a good part of the navigation on MyRapidi is done using AJAX calls (i.e. only updating a little part of the page and not loading an entire new page), we might not be able to bring you back to the exact same spot in MyRapidi after the log in. We will usually be able to bring you back to the same Transfer or at least the same general area (Schedules, Groups, Runs etc.) that you were working on.

TIP: You can open a separate tab in your browser and log in to MyRapidi in that window; then switch back to the previous window and continue to work.

Blank Out the Password on a Connection

On Connections the Password field is not send out to the page in edit mode. This is done in order to protect your passwords. When you edit a Connection and leave the Password field blank, MyRapidi will automatically leave the password unchanged on the server and only change the others fields submitted.

If you want to blank out a Password i.e. set it to an empty value, then you can now type in one blank (space character) in the Password field. Then the server will remove the Password from the Connection.

Why Did We Make Those Changes?

We made those changes for you to be able to work smarter and more efficient with the application. Of course we always thrive to make it easier for you to do your job by continuously improving the interface. Furthermore the changes have made the platform even more secure, stable and responsive for you to work with.

We Need Your Feedback

As you can imagine we have a lot of improvements, enhancements and new features on our TODOs, but first of all we would like to implement them in the right order i.e. what is most valuable to you. Thus, we would be very grateful if you could share your thoughts and ideas with us what you find most important that we develope in the future. Please email us directly or share your ideas in the comment section below. Thank you very much in advance. 

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