MS Dynamics CRM 2013 and communication fix (version 3.2.88r)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - March 24, 2014

MS Dynamics CRM 2013

Sometimes we got "BIO_write should not retry" or "BIO_read should not retry" SSL error messages during a transfer with MS Dynamics CRM 2013. This indicates that the SSL connection has been lost to the MS Dynamics CRM server.

We now try to reconnect to CRM (creating a new SSL connection) when we get these messages and then we resend to information thus avoiding termination of the transfer.

SFDC has recently started to get messages like "unable to connect to ..." when trying to login to SFDC. This indicates that the SFDC server is busy.

After this message the transfer was sometimes still marked as executing which gave errors like "transfer already executing" when the scheduler tried to run the transfer again later.

Now we ensure that even if we have errors during shutdown of the transfer, we still set the transfer to "not executing".

version 3.2.88r (March 2014)

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