MS Dynamics CRM 2013 fix errors inserting data (version 3.2.88q)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - March 20, 2014

MS Dynamics CRM 2013

Fixing problem that error message comes out with just OK. Now full message is showed.

Fixing problem that Decimal fields were not sent correctly to CRM (they were send as Double type).

Fixing problem that Money fields were not sent correctly to CRM - now they are formattet correctly.

Fixing problem with sending Reference Fields - now we get object-relations during the dynamic read of the layout for the object and we save these and use the correct object logical name when sending the Reference Field to CRM. This fixes the problem and at the same time makes it easier to map to a Reference Field as the logical name is now set automatically in most cases. The only remaining case where you have to set the logical name is when the reference field can be different types (e.g. either Customer or Contact).

version 3.2.88q (March 2014)

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