MS Dynamics CRM 2013 optimizations and new features (version 3.2.88b)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - December 31, 2013

MS Dynamics CRM 2013 fixes and additional features:

Fixed reading and writing of PickLists (Option) fields (for CRM2013).

Implemented new caching feature, where we cache the metadata (layout) for the object that we read or write. Before the metadata was retrieved dynamically each time the transfer is run (this was the best way to do it as otherwise a simple field change would have resultet in a need for a lengthy ReadDesign) - the dynamic reading of the metadata can however take up to 1-2 minutes for larger objects like the account object.

Now we cache these metadata in a local file, reading only the metadata when it has actually changed on the server (we check the Metadata timestamp on the server at each run). This results in much faster transfer execution as potentially 1-2 minutes is saved at each transfer run. Older metadata files are automatically deleted when not needed.

Implemented use of StoreNewId feature with CRM2013.

Fixed reading of EntityReference fields (like ownerid) from CRM2013 (was just returning blank value always).

Implemented ability to map ownerid of an entity and automatically call the AssignRequest in the background on updates (if needed).

version 3.2.88b

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