Navigation Optimized for Mobile Device

By Beate Thomsen, Co-founder & Product Design - April 03, 2015

The Navigation on Myrapidi is now optimized for mobile devices - and it should now be easier to access the information needed.


When accessing MyRapidi on your mobile device you will now see the top navigation bar visible at all times, from this menu you can access your personal and account setting etc.

The name of the user and the service will also be visible underneath the top menu. The RapidiOnline icon to the left will take you back to your service list.

The main navigation items will be stacked upon each other and also visible to you all the times for you to access your MyRapidi configuration interface.


As always your feedback is very welcome, so post a comment below.

Thanks a lot.

Your RapidiOnline Team 

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Beate Thomsen, Co-founder & Product Design

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As co-founder of the Rapidi Data Integration platform, Beate has spent over 15 years on its development, building it around her motto: 'keep it simple, functional yet beautiful.'