New Release of the MyRapidi App

By Beate Thomsen - September 02, 2020

NEW RELEASE OF THE MYRAPIDI Configuration Interface

Dear Rapidi User, you might have noticed that we have been somewhat quiet all these pasts months, but we have been working intensively on the new release of the MyRapidi Configuration Interface and even-though it is still in BETA we invite you to start using it on The new version and the current version will be running in parallel during the BETA period and you can always use the current version in case you prefer.

You will use the same login credentials and it will be the same data you are working with on the as on - so you will actually be working with your live system in both cases.

Also, we would very much like to hear from you if you have any comments, issues or ideas. Your feedback will help us improve the application.

So what's new ?

In general we have upgraded the entire technology stack (server OS, database, application server) to ensure that our application is as secure and performant as possible. We have put a lot of work into making the application run faster and scale better.

For the user interface we are constantly working on to support all devices like mobile phones, tablets and desktops. We have also changed the design of most icons and buttons to align better with the functionality and give a fresher look and feel.

Below you can read about many of the changes that we made to the user interface.

Navigation: Personal & Account Settings

Personal Settings


In order to streamline the navigation inside the app we have moved the personal settings for each user under the settings gear icon and have the blue navigation bar including the menu items. Before we had both personal settings and account settings for the Administrator under the settings gear icon and visible on the service list page. The navigation will not be visible on the service list page anymore as it is in the current version, as we did not find it relevant on that page.

Account Settings


Account Settings which is available to the Administrator has been moved under the utensil gear icon where you can manage and create users, set your password policies, manage access rights and see the activity history of all users.


Navigation: Services &  FAILING Schedules



The Service List should be more readable and user-friendly on both desktop, tablet and mobile devices. As mentioned above you don't have the settings menu to the left, which gives more room for essential information of the service list. It will show you a description if it is a live or a test service and when it expires. Furthermore, you can add those email addresses that should receive notifications regarding the Schedules by clicking the pencil icon under 'Monitor Schedules Email(s)'. If you have multiple email addresses you would like to add please separate them with a comma. 

Failing Schedules


We have added a new feature that shows a list of all currently failing Schedules across all Services that you have access to. They are grouped by how many days the Schedules have been failing. You can view the Schedules that did not run through within the last month, last week and last day. Lastly, you can view the Schedules that did run the last day but are not running now at this current moment.

For the time being all Rapidi Customers (Account Admins) will have access to this feature, but this might be a paid add-on feature in the future.

2FA: Remember me


On the login page it is now possible to use the "Remember me" check box in order for MyRapidi to remember you for 14 days in a specific browser. When checked "Remember me" MyRapidi will not ask you for the 2FA code in this browser and on this device during the next 14 days. This feature should make it more convenient for you to have the added security of using 2FA on your trusted computer or device.

Action Bar:  Improved readabiility


The action bar - as we call it - where you have the general features relevant to each area should now be more clear and user-friendly as we have changed it visually to be more clear on which button belongs to which feature.

Pagination: Show more or show less


With this new feature you can select to show more or less  records/lines on a list page. For example for Transfers, we currently show 10 transfers per page. Clicking on "Show more" would shift to 20 transfers per page, clicking on "show less" would change to 5 transfers per page. This setting is then remembered for you on this specific device and per page and for each specific page. This gives you the ability to choose how many records/lines you would like to work with on each specific page and on each device.

Stay tuned for product updates webinar

We will eventually invite to a Product Updates Webinar once we have release the new version for good - so stay tuned for that update. If you have not yet subscribed to the Product Updates you can subscribe here to receive notifications.

If you missed our last Product Update Webinar you can watch it or re-watch the Product Update Webinar 2019

Let us know what you think, feel free to give us feedback. The easiest way would be to write us an email to either 
bt [at] or mb [at]

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