Support for 'SkipField' Function with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Service Connector (3.2.92u)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - June 09, 2016

Back last sommer we introduced a new function called 'SkipField'. The function can be used as part of the mapping and will cause that Rapidi dynamically can skip sending a specific field (for a specific record) to the destination system. This is very useful

  • if either you want to preserve the value already set in the destination (or let the destination create a default value by itself) or
  • if a value is not accepted (even if blank) by the destination for this field (typically depending on some other fields value).

One such case is when you want to create a text or comment line on a SalesOrder in Microsoft Dynamics NAV using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SalesOrder web service (standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV SalesOrder Card Page exposed as a SOAP web service).

skipfield function under a sub transfer

image 1: 'SkipField' function in use under a SubTransfer

In this case the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web service does not accept the fields No (Item No), Quantity and UnitPrice to be sent on that line. We can use the 'SkipField' function to achive exactly that, with a formula like:


With this we can achive that the Quantity field is not sent to the destination if the LineType is 0.

The 'SkipField' function is now supported for use with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web service Connector. 

Enhanced communication protocol between the central service and the RapidiConnector

The 'SkipField' function caused a change to the communication protocol between the central server and the RapidiConnector - as the information about skipping a field needed to be sent to the RapidiConnector. Therefore both the RapidiConnector and the central server have been upgraded.

However, introducing this change in the communication protocol, we still ensure backward compatibility for both ends - meaning an earlier version of the RapidiConnector will work with a later or the latest version of the Rapidi central server or a later version of the RapidiConnector will work with an earlier version of the Rapidi central server. During the initial communication the RapidiConnector and the Rapidi central server simply agree with each other what features they have in common and which features they can support in the protocol. This makes upgrades much more flexible.

To use this feature, you need to upgrade both the Rapidi central service and local RapidiConnector to version 3.2.92u or later. Please contact our support to arrange an upgrade.



Link to 'Skipfield' function on wiki

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