10 cases: Why You Should Integrate Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

By Henning Lund - November 11, 2019

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When companies want to integrate their Salesforce with an ERP, they always have a good reason to do it, a crucial need to solve a time-consuming and/or expensive pain and a hope to make their organization more effective. Typically, they want to:

  • Achieve a full, 360-degree customer overview.
  • Streamline processed and increase efficiency.
  • Remove all manual re-keying of data.
  • Boost user adoption.

Do they achieve their goal? Yes, and often even more than what they had foreseen. We’ve asked 10 of our customers to summarize the benefits they have achieved from integrating Salesforce with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

1. Ole Lynggaard

Our main goal was to give the sales people a valuable tool to work with and improve their work processes. If I compare it with the use of the other system we had before salesforce.com, our sales people now actually use salesforce.com and like it very much! One of the reasons is of course that the data inside salesforce.com is accurate are updated every hour via the integration. The second reason is that we implemented RapidiOnline’s integration service before receiving salesforce.com user training. Having all the data integrated before starting to use the system was very effective and made the salesforce user adoption a success. It was fantastic to observe the sales reps adopting the system almost instantly.
The fact that known data was in the system made the training a big success. The sales people were very actively discussing how to get the most out of Salesforce.
Hans Kurt Hansen, CFO & CIO at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
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2. Berling Media

Print-on-demand is becoming a larger part of our business, and I expect it to keep developing this way. Having a reliable integration platform such as RapidiOnline allows us to get the full benefit of our investment in the Print-on-demand Publit solution, by extending the automation of our business processes to include this process as well.
Bertil Palmqvist, Berling Media
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3. Homespice Decor

Now we have fresh and up-to-date data which is synchronised every 2 hours. The data is much more accurate which we can use towards our dealers. Having all this accurate and up-to-date data in one system gives us a much better overview of what items the dealers are reselling. This gives us the power and advantage to upsale to them, as we have the overview of what items they have and have not sold.
Karla Sinclair, Operational Chief Manager at Homespice Decor
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4. IMAN Cosmetics

Linking our systems together saves IMAN Cosmetics a lot of time and liberates valuable resources as there are fewer manual work processes and they can avoid typing in the same data several times to ensure accurate data in each system. It is now possible for IMAN Cosmetics’ employees to get real-time access and an up-to-date overview of the data. The fully integrated warehouse solution facilitates reporting and analyzing the data as the transferred data now is accessible in their local Microsoft Dynamics solution.
Kimberly Johnson, IMAN Cosmetics
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5. Kimberley Kampers

Through the integration between Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics, end customers are presented with the correct and relevant information about their purchase (camper or caravan). This gives the customer a good experience of quality and a feeling of a high service level at Kimberley’s. The same information can then again be used by the Kimberley Staff to provide better service.
Bruce Loxton, Kimberley Kampers
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6. Milestone Systems

Thanks to the integration between Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, all the needed information is now visible to all our account executives. This makes it easier for our sales people to get an overview of the sales and make statistics without having to switch to other systems. This translates into better customer and partner relationships and in the end more sales!
Peter Grandt, Milestone Systems
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7. Netop

Integrating our CRM and ERP systems resulted in more efficient work routines and a total overview of our customers and partners for our sales people. Sales information is finally at the company’s fingertips. We have efficient, accurate and well-organized account information that translates into better decision making.
Alan Iskov, Netop
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8. ReadSoft

The integration has enabled us to have a high degree of visibility inside salesforce, which allows us to respond more pro-actively towards our customers and partners. Thanks to the integration, our management can now get a better overview of all the subsidiaries. Furthermore they have a better and more correct overview of the numbers from each subsidiaries and can compare them with each other. Sales, support and product management now have easy access to the same and more accurate information in the same system. This transparency of data gives us sales synergies and account managers can easily retrieve information about customers and ongoing cases with their accounts. All this empowers us to make more informed decisions and act more pro-actively to market demands.
Jani Kettula, Readsoft

9. Lindab

Integrating Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics has enabled a high degree of visibility into our data, which we now can access from anywhere at any time. This allows us to act more pro-actively to market demands. Without the integration we wouldn’t have bought Salesforce and our sales people would still be searching for their data.
John Bender, Lindab
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10. SeaBreeze

Our business has existed for over 9 decades as a result of our ability to provide second-to-none customer service. Integration definitely super-charged our efforts here – and it’s something that is reflected in our ability to deliver information to both our field service and our customers. This is, of course, also reflected in the enhancements we have seen to our bottom line.
Josh Sanders, SeaBreeze

Do these match your expectations? Did you experience other benefits? Feel free to share with us!

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