By Henning Lund - March 06, 2019

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The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a global organization of over 200 leading businesses, delivering solutions needed to build a sustainable world, and one of our clients. WBCSD’s goal is to improve decision-making and external disclosure, eventually transforming the financial system to reward the most sustainable companies.

rapidionline increases data operational efficiency

Building engagement and creating awareness across businesses worldwide means that data operational efficiency is essential to support and realize their sustainable development goals. Customer data and efficient synchronization and replication of different databases require cutting edge technology, plus committed support to keep things running smoothly and hassle free.

WBCSD needed a robust and reliable integration between their CRM system ( and their ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics NAV).  One of their most important requirements was for a system with the ability to seamlessly transfer data from one system to another. Their choice? RapidiOnline, which they have been operating successfully since 2015.

Why? Mahdi Sbeiti, WBCSD Manager, Information and Communication Technologies explains that “RapidiOnline was the only solution we found with deep enough integration capabilities between our CRM and our Financial ERP. RapidiOnline is very to use. Its online platform gives users the ability to integrate any objects and fields within minutes.”

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HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  The Rapidi pricing model is subscription-based. It is flexible to match your  precise needs.  Find the right subscription based on what you are looking for: The  entry-level subscription offers 2 connections and limited transfers. The  business subscription is a standard, template-based solution with multiple  connections. The enterprise subscription matches the needs of companies with  multiple locations. The unlimited subscription is for companies with complex  integration and high-performance needs. All subscriptions offer unlimited transfer of data.

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