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CRM Integration: How to get sales reps to use your new CRM system

user adoption with salesforce nav integration

Having purchased a new CRM system is not the same as using it successfully just like that. Management can see the benefits in the new system, but you still have to win over individual salespeople in your organization. The arguments that got management on board will sometimes work on the reps. More often, though, a new set of tactics will be needed to drive end-user adoption, because what management likes is what individuals fear: accountability. One of the biggest things is that salespeople often see CRM as a downside to them, and a benefit only for the organization. It becomes a database that nobody wants to update and maintain, and thus a wasted investment.

Pre-Built Integrations Connect Business Users to Critical Data

Information sharing through salesforce nav integrationThis is another guest post by Julie Hunt - an accomplished software industry analyst, providing strategic market and competitive insights.

More and more organizations of all sizes are turning to the Cloud to find cost-effective and highly usable software services as alternatives to unwieldy and expensive on-premises applications. As companies adopt cloud services, they are finding solid benefits for each individual application such as CRM and marketing automation.

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