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How to Integrate MS Dynamics AX with Salesforce [Webinars]

Posted by Beate Thomsen on Mon, Sep 08, 2014

Are you using salesforce.com and MS Dynamics AX?

Would you like to maximize your use of those two systems?

By integrating MS Dynamics AX and Salesforce you will have less manual work, eliminate data entry and duplication. Furthermore you will have all your key Business Data available and updated inside salesforce.com. This makes it easier for you to get an overview of the sales and create statistics without having to switch to MS Dynamics AX. This translates into better customer and partner relationships and in the end – more sales!

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Reducing Number of API Calls to Salesforce

Posted by Michael Bock on Fri, Sep 05, 2014

One of the primary methods of integration with Salesforce is the use of their Web Services API. This API has been available from the start and is constantly kept up-to-date with each new version of Salesforce. The API covers almost everything that you can do from the user interface and it has very good methods for generic data integration, so its almost always the selected method to integrate with Salesforce. It is also the interface that we use in RapidiOnline.

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Meet RapidiOnline @Dreamforce14

Posted by Beate Thomsen on Thu, Sep 04, 2014

Discuss Your Data Integration Projects And Let Us Help You All The Way

RapidiOnline will also this year be present at Dreamforce14 in San Fransisco 13-16.oct 2014. If you have any current data integration projects you would like to discuss we woud love to hear from you. Please book an appoitment with Keith Marikh by filling out our contact form or contact him directly (km@rapidionline.com, +45 3073 4600)

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How to Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

Posted by Michael Bock on Sat, Jun 21, 2014

Building the best support for MS Dynamics GP

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Updated MS Dynamics AX 2012-Salesforce.com Standard Data Integration

Posted by Michael Bock on Tue, Jun 17, 2014

A Revised & Improved Salesforce-MS Dynamics AX Data Integration Solution

We are pleased to announce our newly updated MS Dynamics AX 2012 - Salesforce.com Standard Integration.

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New MS Dynamics NAV 2013-Salesforce.com Standard Data Integration

Posted by Michael Bock on Fri, Jun 13, 2014

We are happy to announce our newly updated MS Dynamics NAV 2013 - Salesforce.com Standard Integration.

After a couple of successful implementations of RapidiOnline for customers that have both MS Dynamics NAV 2013 and salesforce.com, we have put together a new Standard Integration that is even more optimised and tailored to these two systems.

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Data Integration Implementation Consultant: Feti Jashari

Posted by Beate Thomsen on Sun, Jun 08, 2014

We are very exited to welcome Feti Jashari as one of our new data integration implementation consultants.

He will be managing and implementing our data integration projects and working with support in collaboration with the entire support and implementation team.

Feti is a graduate of the University of Macedonia and holds a Bachelor Degree ind Computer Science and Technology.

Feti is a solution-focused and analytical IT professional with experience in application development, hardware support, customer service, and business analysis.

His passion is all what involves data and has excellent communication skills on all organizational levels - wheather they are highly technical or business-oriented clients.

Feti has 7+ years experience in working as a Data Integration Consultant or Implementation Consultant. He has experience with merging, combining data from multiple sources, sharing them with different departments/contractors or customers and using the data from different Front-end Applications which involves CRM.

Feti has experience in designing, developing, implementing and supporting various database applications both client-server and web-based. Additionally he has a great experience in developing custom applications and reporting solutions using Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Microsoft EXCEL and ACCESS VBA automation. He also developed Monitoring and Reporting Services/Applications to automate monitoring of remote SQL Server Databases. 

Prior to joining RapidiOnline, Feti was successfully managing various implementation project and leading the implementation team in working towards achieving project goals and delivering solutions according to clients' business requirements and challenges during the period of project implementation.

In this last position as a Database Developer Lead at Fluor Daniel Technical Services he implemented processes and procedures to include matrix validation systems to certify contractors to execute missions in accordance with the scope of the contract and authenticate invoicing. He also provided support and services to transportation, food service, water production, sewage treatment, prime power, facilities/infrastructure maintenance, construction and logistics for a remote, logistically constrained high altitude (14,500’ feet) project located in the Andes Mountains. Furthermore he coordinated and managed the mobilization and transportation of employees and subcontractors (at peak 1,000+ per day) to align with priority construction requirements and manpower curves matching scheduled construction activities while increasing direct labor productivity.

Feti is a highly motivated and ambitious person. He is very energetic and has a pleasant and down-to-earth personality. He has a high energy, speaks several languages and with his ability to quickly learn new processes, technology, and business models RapidiOnline and its clients can take advantage of his immediate contributions he make to the business.

Feti won numerous awards for excellent customer service. He enjoys working in a fast-paced and team-oriented environment while handling multiple priorities.

Last but not least, when not working Feti enjoys time together wth his family and friends.

Connect with Feti on Linkedin

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Easy Salesforce MS Dynamics AX Integration using the RapidiConnector

Posted by Beate Thomsen on Wed, Apr 23, 2014

How does RapidiOnline establish the connection to the different on-premise systems to make data transfer possible? 

COMMUNICATION - FAST & SECURE - The RapidiConnector 

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MS Dynamics AX Integration I Customer Case Story I Mirror Technology [Newsletter]

Posted by Beate Thomsen on Sat, Apr 19, 2014

RapidiOnline Newsletter April 2014 Issue
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In this April Issue:

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RapidiOnline MyRapidi: Improved & more User-friendly Configuration Interface

Posted by Michael Bock on Thu, Apr 17, 2014

We are happy to announce the new RapidiOnline Configuration Interface - MyRapidi. Based on our experience in working with data integration we have now created a more user-friendly way of working with your service. We have transferred all our knowlegde and experience with our existing configuration interface into the design of the new user interface allowing you to work much easier and faster in your daily work with RapidiOnline. We have also used the valuable feedback from our existing customers to add new features and improve the experience.

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