Recap of MyRapidi Product Update Webinar January 2017

By Beate Thomsen, Co-founder & Product Design - February 16, 2017

We recently held a webinar on news, tips and tricks on the MyRapidi data integration platform, where we walked-through several new features from our latest RapidiOnline releases. The main topics were the RapidiConnector, the Link Storage feature (aka key cross-referencing), the Hybrid Server installation and other new features and improvements that will help you become more efficient and more effective with your daily work with your RapidiOnline Service. 

In this post we will give you a recap on the latest new features and improvements and what we went through on the webinar.

If you would like to jump straight to the webinar - watch the recording of the webinar.

You will learn about:

  • the RapidiOnline MyRapidi configuration interface
  • the RapidiConnector updated
  • the Link Storage feature
  • the Hybrid Server installation
  • other new features and updates

MyRapidi interface improvements

Mobile menu

We are continuously putting an effort into the MyRapidi user interface for smaller devices like your smartphone or tablet, therefore we have been improving the mobile menu - making it more smooth to work with.

Login page

Furthermore, we have rearranged the login page and moved some of the information from the right column to be displayed as links under the login section. Underneath the login section, we have added the sign-up link. To the right of the login section, we have added a section containing some links to our product updates - in that way you can also dive into the product news feed via the login page. However, as we have limited space on mobile devices we have chosen not to show them on mobile devices and tablet portrait versions. If you think it would be useful to have them on mobile also please let us know.

Statistics pages now cached

We are happy to announce that we have now introduced a caching mechanism on the Statistics pages. For services that have a lot of transfers running, the Statistics pages can be quite slow to load as they might need to examine a hundred thousand of records to generate a page. We now cache these pages meaning that after you have viewed a specific page for a specific month we will cache this page and the next time you navigate to the same page, it will be a lot faster. 
Read more on MyRapidi interface changes in this blog post.

New feature: Transfer status

We introduced a new feature last year which helps you to get a better overview of the different transfers. The different statuses are marked by different color codes and you will be able to filter on the different statuses and select one or more transfers and change their status.
Find a detailed walk-through of this feature in this blog post.

Service type & edition

To quickly identify what type of service you are currently working on, we have introduced a color scheme to the interface. 
Find a more detailed description on the service type & edition feature in this blog post

RapidiConnector updated

The new version of the RapidiConnector is now a lot easier to install and set up the RapidiConnector and establish connections to your local systems. Our aim with this release has been to make this process as easy and straightforward as possible and at the same time ensure that the RapidiConnector can run under a normal Windows user account. 
More information on the updated RapidiConnector version

Link Storage feature

The Link Storage feature enables you to store the key or link values in the Rapidi central service configuration database. These link values could for example be a list of Customer numbers in your ERP (e.g. in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX/GP - the primary key in Customer table) and the corresponding Salesforce Account Id. By storing these values in the Rapidi central service configuration database, you do not need to create additional fields (e.g. ExternalId field in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, or GP).
On other data integration platforms, you can find similar features named as "Cross Reference Keys" or "Cross Reference Table". We believe that our Link Storage feature is more powerful as you only need to specify a few things and then the rest is handled by the system. 
More detailed walk-through of the Link Storage feature

Hybrid Server installation

You may think of the Hybrid Service deployment as a combination of an on-demand Service and an on-premise installed product. With the RapidiOnline Hybrid Service, you get the best of both worlds - you get our on-demand configuration interface that you can access from anywhere and our centrally run monitoring and alerting features combined with a 1-click on-premise deployment of configuration changes and a deployment that runs totally independent of an internet connection.
More information about the Hybrid Server installation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Below the highlight on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV support

  • character sets and conversion with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and MS SQL
  • support for 'Skip field' function with Microsoft Dynamics NAV web service connector
  • wow supporting Microsoft Dynamics 2016 including partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
  • wow supporting Microsoft Dynamics 2017
  • reading FlowFields from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 or later

Read more about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 support

Furthermore, a major update of our Microsoft Dynamics NAV web service support has been made including brand new features like a one-step Sales Order creation, support for Codeunit web services, and in general better error handling.
Read more about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web service connector upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Below the highlight on the Microsoft Dynamics AX support

  • support for default Dimensions and Dimension fields (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 web services)
  • support for default Dimensions and Dimension fields (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 web services)
  • improvements in relation to Read Design (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 web services)
  • support for additional standard and custom web services
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 web service update

Read more about the Microsoft Dynamics AX web service support


Improved error handling with Salesforce

  • huge performance enhancements for large SOAP/XML messages
  • control characters 0x1A to 0x1F now removed from messages sent to Salesforce
  • more information on fields included in the 'Table Layout Browser'
  • improved error messages for non-supported features
  • ability to transfer changes from Salesforce faster
  • improved and more complete error messages from Salesforce
  • fewer log entries
  • specific error messages for 'INVALID_LOGIN' & 'Password Expired'

Read more about Salesforce support

Other features and improvements

Watch MyRapidi Product Update Webinar - Watch it on demand


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